Welcome to IGLeague, we are honored to have you here. We do our best to provide you with competitive matches and tournaments with prize pools paid out lightning fast through PayPal.

We are currently in our first launch stage for online gameplay. Our main focus is providing you with the best online competitive game play in a variety of different games.

We will be hosting cash leagues and tournaments from First Person Shooters, Fighting Games, to Cards and MOBAs. Compete in your game, climb the divisions, and get paid for your skill.

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Tournaments
  • Fast payouts with PayPal for cash prizes
  • Organized Divisional Events
  • T1 professional formats
  • Competitive community focused
  • Solo Arena (Private Matchmaking)

Solo Arena is our flagship subscription feature designed to bring the next level of competition to our players. With many rewards planned to rotate on a monthly basis, our hope is that Solo Arena players have a fulfilling and excellent matchmaking experience.

Not only do we provide rewards to oustanding players, we also hope to give the tools needed for Esports success to those who climb to the top. Solo Arena is vigorously moderated 24/7 by our staff team.

Solo Arena is packed with:

  • Monthly Rewards
  • Great teammates
  • Competitive Environment
  • Tools for your Esports success

The ultimate experience

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